Everything is Common,
The 2021-22 Whitney Independent Study Program's studio exhibition

Artists Space, New York 
May 20-29

Work made by participants:

Carmen Amengual
Eric Brittain
Steven Cottingham
Chloe P. Crawford
Martine Flor
Ivan Forde
Jack Hogan
Ben Horns
stephanie mei huang
David L. Johnson
William Lee
Jazmín López
Andrew Siedenburg
Molly Soda

Shell I-V, 2022
Paper rubbings, and text

Photo credit: Steven Cottingham


and acting out,
through process, through mater-ial thinking –

Process: I choose the object and make an imprint of it in plaster. I then take a sheet of wet paper and place it on top of the imprint before pressing and rubbing it into the plaster cast, making the paper take on its shape. The plaster cast is destroyed by the process and thrown away.

These are the investigations, not reproductions.  

(I) repeat the process until it is exhausted.

Echoes From a Scene IV, 2022
Spatial photogram on Polyester (diptych), and text
150x134 cm

Photo credit: Steven Cottingham


soaking, folding, hiding, revealing —
caught, captured or in-between

Process: I take several sheets of polyester fabric and soak them in a photographic emulsion made of liquid silver chlorobromide. I hang the wet sheets over tables and chairs in a room, where they cover the furniture as shrouds. I then expose the shrouds with a flash of ceiling light, before developing them photochemically and drying them on stretchers.

These are the impressions, not prints.

(I) repeat the process until it is exhausted.