Event V: On Language as Distance 2018



1 . A pool shape named “LIBERTY”.
2 . Water and viscous fluids pass; we pass. Each of us unstable at our station; a bit softer than metal frames
and fixtures or epoxy filling, skeleton and skin, living or dead, but somewhat harder than flowing water.
3 . Aluminum frames, plastic sheets, epoxy.
4 . Light-sensitive polyester exposed by digital projection while covering object.
5. How can soft mass be said in hard words? Would I know that pain etc., was something ‘Inner’ if I weren’t
told so?
6. Reason is recognized by its ghosts. Here in the black and white space the corpse reappears and the object
that is missing in the balance sheet is risen – the return of the real in the rational.
7. Language is the locus for our grasping of time and space.
8. A digital image can never be merely copied; it is always newly staged or performed.

On_Language_as_Distance.pdf (Text)