Penny In The Fountain
group exhibition w/ Anu Vahtra, Lieven Lahaye and Veronika Eberhart

VBKÖ, Vienna
July 9 - August 10 2022

Photo credit: Anu Vahtra

In Her Hour (Openings), 2022
Drawing on semi-transparent paper, absent handwriting
101 x 70 (x 7)

Photo credit: Anu Vahtra


I start out with filling a sheet of paper from start until the end with automatic writing; a continous registration of all the thoughts that passes through my head. Every sheet takes approx. 3 hours to fill. I then cover the writing with another sheet of semi-transparent paper and mark out where the line of thought involuntarily exhausts and changes. The black markings thus indicate the gaps between the thoughts in the text underneath. The sheet with the handwritten text is later removed and thrown away.

I repeat the process until it is exhausted.