2022 On Becoming The Origo - Martine Flor
Presentation as a part of the course “Matrix, Mater, Matter, Materiality, Materialism, New Materialism, Old Materialism...” at Malmö Art Academy, November 2022

2022 Notes From a Mater-ial Resistance - Martine Flor
Published in Everything in Common, The Whitney Independent Study Program 2021-2022, The Whitney Museum of American Art

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2018 On Language as Distance - Martine Flor
MFA thesis, published in Malmö Art Academy’s Yearbook 2018 

“Martine Flor’s essay is the most “text as text” of all essays, beautifully written, a strong piece of mean and form, it stands as a literary text, giving at the same time an important map of her interests. In the essay, Martine has renounced to having a total rational control of the produced meaning (and she plays with it). In the text, rationality can collapse, the language is a matter freed.” Rita Fabiana, Curator, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation  

2016 Almamateriality - Martine Flor
BFA thesis, published in Malmö Art Academy’s Yearbook 2016


2023 Ungrund Exhibition Text by Hiji Nam
2021 Echoes From a Scene Exhibition Text by Elias Kautsky


2022 Anywhere or Not At All at KUBAPARIS, 22 October 2022

2022 Anywhere or Not At All at Contemporary Art Library, 17 October 2022

2022 Anywhere or Not At All at Scandale Project, 17 October 2022

2022 What is And What Should Never Be at Contemporary Art Library

2021  Konstens frågeformulär #155: Martine Flor at www.konsten.net

2020 Cathrine Hellberg on The Still at www.konsten.net

2020 Carolina Söderholm on The Still at Sydsvenskan

2018  Christine Antaya on  Malmö Art Academy’s Annual Exhibition at www.kunstkritikk.se