November-December 2020

Letters to Him Who Hides Wastelands Within I-II, 2018
Part of a larger series
Automatic writing and drawing on semi-transparent paper


These works consist of two layers of semi-transparent paper. On the paper underneath I fill the page with my own continous writing from start until the end. Every sheet takes approx. 8 hours to fill. On the top paper I mark out where the line of thought involuntarily exhausts and changes in the text underneath.

Interiors I-V, 2020
Spatial photograms on Polyester
Mounted on Dibond
Dimensions variable


I take several sheets of polyester fabric and soak them in a photographic emulsion made of liquid silver chlorobromide. I hang the wet sheets over tables and chairs in a room, where they cover the furniture as shrouds. I then expose the shrouds with a flash of ceiling light, before developing them photochemically and drying them on stretchers. I repeat the process until it is exhausted. 

The result are impressions, not prints.

Grain Upon Grain, 2020
16mm film
5:48min loop

In this film I have filmed along the border of Nevada Test Site; a former test site for nuclear weapon in Nevada, USA, now closed for visitors. 

Photo credit: Tomas Giraldo-Feener, OBRA