What Is and What Should Never Be
duo w/ Alina Yakirevitch
curated by Myles Starr / Louis Reed, New York

Neuer Kunstverein Wien
June 8 - July 15

The two-person show consists of a large video projection by Alina Yakirevitch and five spatial photograms by Martine Flor.

Six spatial photograms hang from the ceiling. The image permeates the fabric, closing in on itself in extreme isolation, but simultaneously acting as a translucent boundary between space, surface and object. As both carrier and sign, the photograms display the inevitable separation of language from the distance needed to make sense of it: a preverbal wish of merging which is never fulfilled.

Process: I take several sheets of polyester fabric and soak them in a photographic emulsion made of liquid silver chlorobromide. I hang the wet sheets over tables and chairs in a room, where they cover the interiors as shrouds. I then expose the shrouds with a flash of ceiling light, before developing them photochemically and drying them on stretchers.

I repeat the process until it is exhausted.

The results are impressions, not prints.’

– Martine Flor

Echoes From a Scene, 2021-2022
Series of five works, and text
Spatial photogram on Polyester
Dimensions variable

Photo credit: Manuel Carreon Lopez / Kunst-dokumentation.com